SalBaZouKiz Introduction Workshop - Our dances are converging

SalBaZouKiz Introduction Workshop - Our dances are converging

30 Mär 17:00 - 31 Mär 19:00 - Vienna
Passion CLC

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All our beloved dances are CONVERGING. They are NOT the same anymore compared to a few years ago...
► Zouk incorporates more and more RnB and other rhythms and we go away from the typical tum-chick-chick rhythm / steps. I have already been to an Urban Zouk workshop by the way *lol*
► Bachata introduced Zouk movements into the dance and thus Sensual Bachata was born.
► Some Kizomba dancers decoded to dance more open and also included movements from Zouk and other dances calling the new dance Urban Kiz(omba).
► Salsa changed least I guess, but things like body movements are used now more often than in the past, too. Many dancers with knowledge of other sensual dances dance Salsa much softer than in the past.

So seeing we are mixing, let's do it RIGHT, let me show you how the dances are melting together to a new ONE DANCE and how we can best switch from one to another...
This by the way is STEP1 in the evolution process we are in...

STEP2 will be that we will all dance the same dance, a mixture of Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Contemporary,RnB, Hip Hop,...
I have been talking to reknowned Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa teachers and believe me, this is where we are heading to...

Find a song that I remixed for this new BIG PROJECT (for STEP 1 ) here:

REGISTRATION: Due to high demand MANDATORY!!!!

$$ Workshop Fee: FREE DONATION is WELCOME!!!

By the way I am in the process of founding a NEW ASSOCIATION: "SENSUAL VIENNA CONNECTION", which will reside as a sub association of ZOUK-VIENNA CONNECTION!

Hope you like the project!

Cheers, Guido
Chairman of Zouk-Vienna Connection
Future chairman of Sensual-Vienna Connection

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